Tashirat opened in 1994 as a Learning Center for Yoga, nutrition and meditation and officially became an association in 2000. Tashirat expanded and opened the Tashirat Orphanage in 2003.

We are a small organization. We have the Tashirat association in Mexico which is comprised of the Tashirat Learning Center and Tashirat Orphanage. Our organization includes 10 staff members who run all of Tashirat as a team and who live and work together full-time on the Tashirat grounds. We also opened the Tashirat Foundation in the US in order to make donations from the US tax deductible for our sponsors there.

All of Tashirat was bought and built by the Tashirat staff members and their families since 2000. The Tashirat Orphanage children are each sponsored by our generous friends, families, and supporters. We rent out our Mountain Retreat Bungalows and Amatista Retreat Center to generate the income to pay for as much of our basic administrative costs as possible – legal fees, accounting expenses, transportation, general maintenance, repair materials, gas, water, electricity, phone bills, salaries of employees etc.

Each child needs 1 food sponsor and 1 ¨other¨ sponsor. The food sponsorship goes to basic necessities. The ¨other¨ sponsorship goes to every other expense that a child has. Our university students also have education sponsors.

No, our staff members are fulltime volunteers. They do not receive a salary. Their basic needs cost 500 pesos a week (less than 27 USD) and each staff member has his or her own family member or friend who sponsors him / her.

We currently have 35 children, ages 2 – 20.

All except 2 of our children were channeled to us from the DIF (the government child-welfare department) after the DIF had removed the children from very abusive homes or after the children were abandoned. Two of our children were brought to Tashirat by their families.

The children that we have are no longer up for adoption. In Tashirat our mission is to give a home and family to children who never received an adoptive family due to their age, cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities, or because they have multiple siblings. We give a permanent home to children who otherwise wouldn’t have received one but if you are interested in adoption we can put you in contact with our lawyer who helps families to adopt.

If you have any other questions that you would like to ask, please don´t hesitate! We would love to answer any of your inquiries.