The Mission of our Ixaya School is to give children a globally-conscious education and the individualized attention they need to the overcome learning disabilities and academic challenges they face. Ixaya means “to open one’s eyes” in the indigenous language of Nahuatl. It is our dream that this school will guide many children to open their eyes to a world of opportunity and growth through quality alternative education and creativity.

Mexican public schools are notoriously overcrowded. Academic standards are low, fees are high, and teachers are under qualified. Slow learners are chronically neglected. Many students slip through the cracks, become frustrated, and drop out after primary school, leaving them without any job skills or education.

Through our Ixaya School we provide a supportive educational community. Children receive personalized attention, ecological consciousness, initiative and leadership training and extra-curricular workshops.

We immerse our children in everything they would never have been exposed to otherwise in life. We assist each child to discover his/her unique talents, to follow these talents with passion and find his/her niche in life. We work to help our students overcome their blocks and fears, encouraging them to be creative and free-thinking. Our aim is to guide them to become fulfilled and successful young adults, who in turn reach out to those less fortunate than themselves, passing on the kindness they received.

Please help us to bring light, which is knowledge, into these children’s lives, dispelling the darkness/ ignorance that causes so much unnecessary suffering. Ignorance is passed from one generation to the next, and the vicious cycle of poverty and abuse continues. With your help we hope to expand enough to one day break that cycle for an entire generation of children in Tepoztlan.