Tashirat Cosmic Learning Center

Tashírat is a Cosmic Path of Truth, Love, and Life leading to spiritual enlightenment.

By focusing our teachings on the Chakra Life Lessons, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Natural Medicine, and Selfless Service, we guide spiritual aspirants to the connection with the Higher Self. The Tashirat Cosmic Learning Center offers various student courses wherein spiritual aspirants are taught through independent studies and practical learning experiences.

Cosmic teaching is quality teaching, geared towards the individual. Each soul who raises his / her vibration raises the vibration of the Earth, thus helping the whole of humanity. As your vibration rises, your life takes on clear direction; you become more orderly, harmonious and happy. Life takes on a whole new meaning and becomes the greatest joy.

Students learn through this extraordinary experience how to flow with the energies in life, rather than struggling against them. We invite you to share this remarkable, life transforming experience with us.


Artimia Arian and Tashirat Staff