We recommend one month intensives for all first time students.  The Tashirat Intensive Course includes all group classes and activities, plus any necessary private guidance (in relation to the tools needed to connect to the Higher Self).  Students follow a daily discipline for strength, purification and balance. This includes daily Yoga classes, service projects, eating healthy, life-giving foods, practicing natural therapies, and independent studies.

Independent studies begin by reading Cosmic Reawakening by Artimia Arian before visiting. Studies are guided by Tashirat teachers with additional books from our extensive library.  As questions arise during independent studies, students may write to Tashirat teachers for written guidance.  If a question cannot be clearly answered through written communication or by offering a short verbal explanation, a class / consultation will be scheduled. Through receiving written guidance, students are able to assimilate as much of the given knowledge as possible at that time, and save the guidance for the future, when s/he may have an expanded consciousness and can understand the teachings on a deeper level. Our goal is to help you create a life plan and take the necessary steps to achieve your highest potential.

An essential part of the Intensive Course is selfless service.  Regardless of how much knowledge one acquires, or how good one’s Yoga or nutrition practice, if the Chakra 4 heart center is not open, the Chakra 5 and 6 life experiences will also be blocked (refer to Cosmic Reawakening). Three hours of service are included in the daily program, although students may request more service hours if they wish. Students serve in the areas most needed at the time of their stay. Examples include: general maintenance, cleaning, cultivation, kitchen prep, computer work, child care, music or art classes with the children who live on the ashram, or private tutoring in the Tashirat Ixaya school.

Cosmic teaching is completely personalized and is highly dependent upon open communication between student and teacher. Students write weekly reports, including progress in studies, diet transitioning and daily programs – expressing positive and negative feelings and experiences.

The key to having the best experience in Tashirat (and anywhere else!) is to rid yourself of expectations. Flow with change, be flexible and open so that the universe can guide you and give you exactly what you need to learn and grow.This requires a willing attitude, expressing your ideas and opinions while remaining receptive to those of others, as well as a true desire to work on your weak areas and confront your personal fears.

8:00 – 9:30 Yoga class
9:30 – 10:30 Breakfast and ready for the day
10:30 – 1:30 Service or free time
1:30 – 2:30 Lunch and rest
2:30 – 5:30 Service
5:30 – 8:30 Free time
8:30 – 9:00 Meditation

1. Sugar, meat and processed foods are prohibited on the Tashirat premises. We also require you to have transitioned to the diet you will be on during your stay here, at least three months prior to your visit. Upon request, we can help guide you to transition your diet via email. This precautionary measure will decrease the possibility of undergoing major detoxification during the course of your stay. Ideally we suggest working up to a Chakra 3 or above diet (refer to Cosmic Reawakening).

2. We strictly prohibit radical dietary changes and fasting or juice fasting while staying in Tashirat. We believe in transition and moderation as the basis of health. Please take heed, it’s no fun living communally or working six hours a day when your body is expelling toxins!

3. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and / or being in a state of intoxication are severely prohibited while staying in Tashirat. Please give up any of the substances listed above at least three months prior to your stay.

4. We very much depend on the consistency of our volunteers. Please do all desired traveling before or after the time you have committed to volunteer in Tashirat so you don’t miss any days.

5. Book your flight so that you arrive no later than 3 PM in Mexico City or plan to stay the night in Mexico City and head to Tashirat the next morning. Tashirat only receives guests before 7 PM (exceptions are only made for delayed flights, if the person was unable to find accommodations in Mexico City).

6. Please arrive the day you have agreed to arrive, or inform us via e-mail with advance notice (at least 1 day prior to scheduled arrival date).

Contact us for current rates and options

– Reservations require a deposit of the full amount before arrival.

– Deposits are non-refundable, but can be used at a later date.

– Food and books are not included in the course price.

To apply to a Tashirat Volunteer Exchange Program please send your completed Volunteer Application to Tashiratmail@gmail.com. You may download the application here. Acceptance is confirmed within a week of receiving your completed application.

Please bring all essentials for studying in the jungle:

Clothing for rain, heat and cold
Comfortable clothes for Yoga
Yoga mat and white clothes for meditations
You’re welcome to bring all personal comforts as well: laptops, cameras, music, books etc.


We rely heavily on donations from abroad. If you have any of the following, feel free to bring them with you when you visit Tashirat:

Children’s clothing and shoes in good condition
Children’s books and toys
School and art supplies
Used power tools
If you have anything else you may be willing to donate, ask before departing and we can provide a more specific list. Anything you can bring will be a great help to our children.