About Us

Tashirat is a non-profit orphanage, school, health and spiritual learning center dedicated to the service of humanity. It was founded by Artimia Arian in 1994 in Tepoztlan, Mexico primarily as a Cosmic Learning Center and Ashram offering classes and a retreats for spiritual aspirants.


Our History

In 1994, Tashirat was founded by Artimia Arian in Tepoztlan, Mexico. Primarily a Cosmic Learning Center and Ashram for spiritual aspirants, Tashirat has always provided guidance in the fundamental tools for strengthening and balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Through strengthening the four bodies we help students to transform their lives and raise their vibration so they can become connected to their spiritual Inner Teacher or a more evolved teacher from a higher dimension.

In 2003, we decided to expand our service work by opening the Tashirat Orphanage where we provide children with a healthy and loving home life and future. From the beginning, we have always received the children that were most vulnerable and least accepted in other orphanages. Because of their age, disabilities, behavioral issues or hyperactivity, our kids stood little or no chance of finding a home until they arrived in Tashirat.

In 2017, we learned that there are barely any private orphanages for disabled children in Mexico and we decided to focus on fulfilling this need. As our current children are getting older and more independent, we are now able to begin a new phase in Tashirat, receiving disabled children. We currently have 35 children ages 2-20 who have been with us for many years and who are very excited about the new children coming. 7 of our children have only very recently arrived and have disabilities. Many of the children that we will now receive will continue living with us as adults – living independent but assisted lives in a safe and supportive environment with a family that loves them.

Our Staff

Tashirat staff members are spiritual aspirants who have dedicated their lives to service in Tashirat. Most have been with us as fulltime volunteers for more than 10 years and nearly half for as many as 18 years.


Our Philosophy

We believe that we are all given life to learn specific lessons, the Chakra Life Lessons and that Earth is essentially a school where we can learn each lesson and move to the next until we have completed them.

We believe that the more a person evolves through the Chakra Life Lessons, the more connected s/he can become to God and the better s/he can be guided in his/her life and help others.

We believe that the key to happiness is to serve others, in this way strengthening ourselves, and the greatest service we can provide is to help others become strong, happy and healthy themselves – creating a positive chain effect.

We believe that we have 4 bodies, not only one and that in order to be strong and balanced, we need to work them all – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

For more information on our philosophies we recommend these wonderful books:


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The China Study by T. Colin Campbell PhD
The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas N. GrahamMore Info


The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
Out of Control by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
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“There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.”

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